A lunch break – it’s an important and often necessary part of our working or school day. It’s a chance to stop your tummy rumbling, grab a bite to eat and maybe chat with some friends. And now we’re spoilt with an array of places to buy our lunch from, all offering tempting dishes and humble sandwiches to eat on the go.



lunch break 午餐休息

grab a bite to eat 吃点儿东西

dish (一道)菜

sandwich 三明治

on the go 外带,在路上吃


But our appetite for buying our lunchtime fare is not just costing us money, there might be a cost in terms of damaging our planet too. Just grabbing a sandwich, crisps and maybe a cake and coffee can produce at least four items of waste. Cartons, cups, wrappers and plastic cutlery are all part of our disposable feast in addition to the food waste we create. Some experts say throwing away food, which produces methane as it rots, is a bigger cause of climate change than plastics.


appetite 食欲,胃口

fare (由指饭馆里的)饭菜

carton 硬纸盒,塑料盒

wrapper 包装纸,包装材料

cutlery 餐具(刀、叉、匙等)

disposable 一次性的

feast (讽刺的)“盛宴”

But regardless of what causes the most damage, the solution, according to an environmental campaign group called Hubbub, is to eat packed lunches. Tessa Tricks from the group says "People are saying that they are buying food to take out because life has got busier." And she says people think they are being more efficient; but she argues that it’s usually healthier and cheaper to make your own lunch. It means you can eat the things you really want and make the quantity that you actually need.


packed lunch (自带)盒装午餐

Of course, preparing your lunch is another thing to fit into your morning scramble of getting ready for work, so if you haven't got time and you are going to buy lunch, an alternative Hubbub suggests is to take your own container to a shop and ask them to put your food in it. The idea of using reusable coffee cups for hot drinks and refilling water bottles has already proved successful, so this could be another step in the right direction. A trial in East Anglia (in the UK) showed that offering a 10% price reduction did persuade some customers to come prepared with their own lunch box.


container (餐)盒,容器

reusable 可重复使用的

lunch box 饭盒

The problem with eating on the move is that you might want to carry your grub in something that is disposable, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s something that is recyclable and not to take extra sachets of sauce or utensils that you’re not going to use. The message seems to be that if we give our lunchtime eating habits some thought, we can all do our bit in helping reduce climate change and damage to our environment. That is something for all of us to chew on!


grub 食物

sachet (仅够用一次的)小包,小袋

utensil 厨房用具

chew on 仔细考虑,好好想想



一. 阅读课文并回答问题

1. How many items of waste can buying our lunch sometimes create?

2. What reasons have some people given for having to buy takeaway food for lunch?

3. What does Hubbub suggest taking when buying your food for lunch?

4. True or false? In a trial in East Anglia, more customers brought their own lunch boxes when they got a reduction on the quantity of food they bought.

5. What phrase is used in the article to mean ‘action that gets closer to a successful result’?

二. 请在不参考课文的情况下完成下列练习。选择一个意思合适的单词填入句子的空格处。

1. I’m going to be late for my next meeting so I’ll grab something ______.
go on    the on go    on the go   on a go

2. On holiday in France we found a great restaurant serving traditional ______.
feasts     fare    appetite    sachets

3. The children made a real mess after the party: There were sweet ______ everywhere!
wrappers     dishes     cutlery     grub

4. I’m ______ which subject to study at university – it depends on what will lead to a better job.
chewing at   chewing on   
chewing up   chew on

5. I took a ______ camera with me when I went snorkelling. I didn’t want to risk getting my expensive digital camera wet!
utensils    reusable   
container   disposable