If a dog has eyes that seem to be telling you something or demanding your attention, it could be evolution's way of manipulating your feelings, because researchers have identified a muscle that allows dogs to create a puppy eyes expression that helps them bond with their human companions.

如果一只狗的眼睛似乎在告诉你一件事情或希望得到你的注意,那么这可能是进化用 它独有的方式在操纵人类的情绪,因为研究人员发现了一个可以让狗模仿幼犬可爱眼 神的肌肉,以帮助它们与人类伙伴建立情感联结。

Doctor Julianne Kaminski at the University of Portsmouth says this wide-eyed and sometimes melancholy expression seems to elicit a strong nurturing response. The scientists say there is compelling evidence that this physical change have evolved since dogs were domesticated.

朴茨茅斯大学的朱莉安娜·卡明斯基博士说,这种睁大眼睛,时而忧郁的表情似乎能 引起强烈的爱抚性反应。科学家们说,有令人信服的证据表明,自从狗被驯化以来, 这种生理变化已发生了进化。

1. 词汇表

attention         注意力

evolution        进化

manipulating  操纵,控制

muscle           肌肉

expression     表情

bond              联结,关系,纽带

companions   伙伴

melancholy     忧郁的

elicit               引发

nurturing        照看,爱抚

domesticated 被驯化了

2. 阅读理解:请在读完上文后,回答下列问题 。

1. What is it that allows a dog to make its puppy dog expression?

2. True or false? The expression that helps dogs bond with humans is only found in puppies.

3. When did scientists think this physical change in dogs began?

4. Describe how this 'puppy eyes' expression looks, according to the report.